UK motorcycle security tracker

UK Motorcycle Security Tracker

Beyond physical security, a remote tracking device is the best way to add another layer of security to your bike.

We have partnered with Monimoto as our FAVOURITE brand of tracker. Here’s why.

Why we love monimoto

Overview & Features

Monimoto Motorcycle Tracker


You can install the device easily, on any motorcycle or scooter, and be set up in minutes.



The key fob which you carry with you will automatically disarm the alarm when you’re close to the bike, and re-arm it when you leave.


Uses its own 1.5V batteries so:

• Won’t drain your bike battery
• Doesn’t need wiring in
• Can be moved between bikes
• Lasts 12 months and more

Calls your Phone

If the device detects suspicious movement, it immediately gets in touch and starts transmitting live location data to your app.


Smart Sensing

Monimoto can sense the difference between theft and heavy wind or traffic vibrations. The app also gives you control over sensitivity levels.